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    Polycom Technical Bulletin 33230 - reg.x.bargeInEnabled

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      I can not find this option in any of the files. The bulletin says the phone1.cfg file and I have checked the following below as I do not have that .cfg file:


      applications.cfg, features.cfg, H323.cfg, polycomConfig.xsd, reg-advanced.cfg, reg-basic.cfg, region.cfg, sip-basic.cfg, sip-interop.cfg, site.cfg, video.cfg, video-integration.cfg, wireless.cfg

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          I forgot to mention I am on software release 4.0.3, which brings me to another question. I was thinking of upgrading to the 4.1.0 release but after reading the release notes, I am not sure now. It says the following below I am curious if I can not install it at all or if it is just unsupported for IP 670 phones. It looks like the 335 models are fine after reading further down the release notes. Both models look supported in the release 4.0.4. The release notes for 4.0.4 also have several notes that address the shared line scenario that I am running into so that might fix my issues. I would still like to know about that "reg.x.bargeInEnabled" switch though.




          Important Upgrade Notes and Considerations in UC Software

          This section contains important notes on Polycom hardware and UC software 3.x.x.

          Upgrading / Downgrading from UC software 3.x.x

          As of UC software 4.x.x, Polycom has changed the process of upgrading and downgrading software on the phones. To upgrade to UC software 4.1.x, you will first need to install the new Upgrader application. Once you have installed the Upgrader, you can install UC software 4.1.x.

          To downgrade from UC software 4.1.x, you will first need to install a new application called the Downgrader. Once you have installed the Downgrader, you can install an earlier UC software version.

          For detailed instructions on how to upgrade and downgrade your phones running UC software 3.x.x to 4.1.x, see Engineering Advisory 64731: Polycom® UC Software 4.0.x: Upgrade and Downgrade Methods.

          Considerations for Legacy Phones

          Polycom UC software 4.1.0 Rev I does not include support for the SoundPoint IP 300, 301, 320, 330, 430, 500, 501, 600, 601, 670, SoundStation IP 4000, and SoundPoint IP 6000 phones. These phones are termed legacy products. For assistance on provisioning methods that support a mix of legacy and current products, refer to Technical Bulletin 35311: Maintaining Older Polycom® Phones Beyond Their Last Supported Software Release.

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              Brent, could you provide some additional information here:


              First off, what functionality exactly are you looking to add to the phone through the modification of the configuration file?


              Secondly, what PBX and software version on that PBX are you using in conjunction with the phones?



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                  I am wanting to make the "shared line" feature behave like an actual shared line for the most part. The last software update of 4.0.4 was suppose to make it work correctly (according to release notes) and it did not (for me anyway). It should have made it so one person can put a line on hold then a second person on a second phone can pick up that line. Right now the first person has to transfer the call 4.0.4 did not change anything that I could find from the 4.0.3 version actually.


                  We do not have a PBX but a CS15 Genband soft switch with centrex features and the latest software revision. The phones in the main office sit behind a NV4430 and the remote office has a NV6310 both running R10.7.0.


                  I am assuming the phone1.cfg file comes from an Adtran PBX, not from the Polycom website where I got the rest of them.

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                So that feature must come from the 7100 itself then? Another feature I am looking forward to and it seems to be a similar scenario is the on hold reminder.