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    NetVanta 1544 1st gen vs 2nd gen

    tim.hansen New Member

      I am new to Adtran.  My company is looking for an L3 switch to replace the current 1544.  The current 1544 just doesnt have enough power to handle everything we need.  We need something with at least 24 ports (PoE optional) with much more processing power than the 1st Gen 1544.  I've kind of been thrown to the wolves trying to find this as all of our Tech team are working round clock at this time.  Any and all help would be GREATLY appreciated.


      Thanks so much



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          mtharris Employee

          We are not going to have anything with more throughput than the 1544, it does L3 hardware ACLs and routing so you should get 1 Gbps throughput from port to port.  Is there something in particular that is causing an issue?

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            cowboy New Member

            The only thing would be the 1544P, since you had mentioned POE optional; and, POE cannot be an option if it isn't already available.



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              jayh Hall_of_Fame

              I would look into how the switch is being used and whether there is another issue on the network affecting performance.  These have been very solid performers for us.


              Anything suspicious under "show proc cpu" or "show memory heap"?


              Are there particular interfaces taking a lot of errors?  Possibly a duplex mismatch somewhere?  Broadcast storm on the LAN maybe? 


              Specifically where does it seem to be running out of juice? 

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