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    Block outgoing port 25 for all but server?

    maxpower New Member

      I've been searching and can't find an answer to this question: I would like to block all outgoing port 25 traffic except for my email server on a NetVanta 1335 with firmware R10.1.0.E. After much research and looking through the NetVanta I'm just not sure how to accomplish this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          Exact details depend on whether you are using NAT or not. Access-list on Private side should look something like this:


          Assume your mail server is


          ip access-list extended inside-to-public

            permit ip host any

            deny tcp any any eq 25

            ! Any other outbound restrictions here

            permit ip any any


          Then apply this ACL to your outbound policy-class on the LAN side facing the public, something like...


          ip policy-class Private

            nat source list inside-to-public interface [interface name here] overload

          Of course you'll need the appropriate reciprocal port-forwarding to allow inbound mail from the public to your mail server as well. Post your existing config if this doesn't help.

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