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    Bsc-2100 vs. 2200

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      What is the main difference between the BSC-2100 and the 2200? I currently have a BSC-1200 that is dying and needs to be replaced.  I am looking at upgrading it and have found a used, but in good working condition, 2100 for a really good price.  I need to know if the 2100 is wireless n compatible or if I will have to spend the money on a 2200 and if there are any major differences between the two.  The company I work for is looking to save as much money as possible and that is why I am looking at the 2100.

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          daniel.blackmon Employee

          According to the Bluesocket Controller (BSC) Setup and Administration Guide, the BSC-2100 provides hardware-based encryption acceleration, however, the BSC-2200 still has double the CPU power and memory of the BSC-2100. The user count is the same as the BSC-2200, each at 400 simultaneous users, however, the BSC-2200 has the ability to aggregate it's gigabit ports in order to better support wireless-N traffic. Further, while the BSC-2100 can run the latest software, the product has not been officially tested on the latest version, either in-house or beta. The BSC-2100 is also no longer supported. Basically the only assistance you would be able to receive for the product would be through the support community.


          Wireless-N technology is actually dependent on the access point, not the controller. Wireless-N is supported on BSAP models 1800v2, 1840, and all 1900 series models.