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    Not able to ping AP's after switching out BSC-1200

    jjensen201 New Member

      We have a bsc-1200 that has been giving us issues and we decided to switch it out with a different bsc-1200.  I reset the replacement bsc-1200 to factory defaults, upgraded the firmware to the same version as the one having problems and restored the config.  Now, when I set it up in place of the old one, I can't ping anything connected to it from the protected side of the network.  Wireless clients connected also can't reach the protected side of the network.  Wireless clients can connect to the bsc-1200 and do pick up an I.P. address, they just can't get through the controller to the protected network.  I can ping the controller from the protected side and log into the web interface, I just can't ping anything else connected to it.  Are there certain settings that don't get overwritten when you restore the config?  Thanks.