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    Need help accessing GUI

    dsiomtw New Member

      So I picked up a second-hand 3200 to use with my new T1. This stuff is all new to me, and on one hand I feel like I should just find someone to hire to setup this router for me, but on the other hand I feel like if I can just get to the GUI I can probably get things working as I just need a very basic configuration. Problem is I can't even get access to the GUI. I've changed the IP on the 3200 to with a subnet mask of Then I changed the IP on my laptop to Tried to access the GUI at but got no access. Then I thought maybe there are some existing firewall rules preventing me from getting in so I went back into the 3200 and issued a "no ip firewall" command to clear them out, saved the new configuration and tried again, but I still can't access the GUI. My browser just says the connection is being refused, and I don't know if there's a log anywhere on the 3200 to tell me what's going on? Anyway, if anyone has any tips or advice I'd sure appreciate it. Seems like I've followed the recommended steps and it just doesn't work ...