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    Directories not updating

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      I have a new installation of a 7100 running VVX 500 phones.  I have added system speed dials to the unit and want to push those out to all the phones.  They are properly being added to the 000000000000-directory.xml file, but when i try to update directories in the GUI, they do not push out to the MAC-directory.xml files.  The files that are updated are actually incomplete.  The new file only contains about half of the system users, and no other entries.  Is this a failure of the GUI?  Is there a console command that will do the same job? 

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          This is an issue we are aware of and are working on a software fix. As a workaround you can delete the mac-directory.xml file for a particular phone and then rebuilt it to populate the mac-directory.xml file correctly. If it works for one phone, you can use the following procedure to apply this workaround to all Polycom phones:


          • add all the names you want to the global directory and save it
          • issue the erase cflash polycom/*-directory.xml command from enable mode in the CLI to wipe all the mac-directory.xml files
          • in the GUI go to "IP Phone Globals" and save the global directory
          • then go to the "IP Phone Configs" page, select all of the Polycom phones, and go to Other Actions > Update Directories
          • reboot the phones so they will download the new mac-directory.xml files