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    Losing an Access Point Active Location

    dalicea New Member

      What are some other reasons an access point might lose some or all of its active locations? Once in a while I will hear about a site that lost power or connection to their site's DHCP server. I will take a look at the access points, and sometime they will be missing their active locations (all or some). Is losing connection to the DHCP server the only reason? Is this something that only exists in the current rev being run? A fix would be to just reboot the AP (once connection is restored to the server hosting the DHCP scopes).


      Rev: V2.1.0.14

      AP Firmware: 6.5.4-11

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          daniel.blackmon Employee

          DHCP is the only method the BSAP's use for location discovery. If the DHCP server is not responsive, then a BSAP may lose the location. We have seen some limited reports of locations being lost even though the DHCP server is responsive, and we are investigating those as they come in.


          Typically you can push an Apply out to a BSAP and it will try to run the discovery process again. Assuming there not actual changes that need to be made, this should not affect wireless clients.