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    NV6355 Questions

    dcorrea Visitor

      I'm writing you with some questions regarding the functionalities of the NV6355 in preparation for some testings with E1's and SIP. My customer is asking me the following questions:


      1. Using a E1 connection can we handle the use of SS7 protocol?


      2. The NV6355 unit can handle the SIP 302 messages for redirect a call?


      Thanks in advance for your comments,

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          burgermeister Employee

          We only support E1/PRI (ETSI), we do not support SS7,  or E1/CAS (R1/R2 Signaling).  In regards to the SIP 302 response for redirect, it depends on the application. If terminating SIP from the provider/softswitch, then converting to Analog or PRI/TDM connections with the device, the answer is NO.  However, if terminating a analog or PRI/TDM trunks from the provider, and providing SIP connection (to an IP PBX as an example), the answer is YES.  This is also true when configuring the device as an SBC (requires optional SBC Feature Pack software).    

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            david Employee


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