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    7100 Web Interface slower since OS upgrade to 10.8.0

    jimw New Member

      I have four newer NV7100 systems that I have installed and recently updated all to firmware 10.8.0 and everything is working fine, but some of the Web interface menu options seem to take longer to load or they are just hanging.  Give it enough time and patience, and eventually you can get something done.


      Afterhours Load - System 1:

      System Load: 24.22%

      1 Min Avg Load: 7.65%     5 Min Avg Load: 7.7%

      Min Load: 0%     Max Load: 24.45%

      Context Switch Load: 0.23%


      Afterhours Load - System 2:

      System Load: 6.61%

      1 Min Avg Load: 9.86%     5 Min Avg Load: 11.1%

      Min Load: 0%     Max Load: 38.85%

      Context Switch Load: 0.19%


      According to both systems we are getting 552 possible ICMP Smurf Attach. Not sure what would be suggested to setup within the Firewall to help things? These NV7100 systems are not accessible outside of the LAN and are behind the customer's LAN Firewall units.