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    MWI on Polycom IP650


      I cant get MWI on a Polycom IP650 to work. I see the Message Waiting=Yes in the debug. I am using a NV6355 connected to a Metaswitch. Any help is welcomed!

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          Just one phone or all at the site?  Could be the Meta, the NV6355, or the Polycom. 


          Debug sip stack messages on the NV during a quiet time and leave a new voicemail for the user.  See if you are getting NOTIFY from the Meta and proxying it to the Polycom as well as an OK back from the Polycom passed back to the Meta. 

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            david Employee

            Mr. Marteeny,


            I just wanted to follow up with you on this forum post.  I believe I worked on this with you over the phone and we found out we needed a configuration change. The main configuration change we needed was to add "ip sip proxy grammar proxy-id contact-user" in order for the unit to work properly with your softswitch, which I believe was a MetaSwitch.  I'm going to go ahead mark this as the correct answer to this post, but feel free to unmark it or add more details if you are still having any issues.