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    Back-up config files set up in n-Command

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      Hello all,


      I am well aware that his topic has been touched on before, but I did not see full explanation of the issue. The main device I work with is the Adtran 908e. I pulled up two sites in n-Command and the configuration is almost identical. I am currently looking at two different sites for the sake of this discussion. For one of the sites, in the Backup Files tab, the backup points increment hourly but no configuration is stored. The other site has the most recent backup point dating to 2 months ago but there is startup-config file associated to that date. The config has the timezone, ntp, and auto-link all set up the same. When I do a #show auto-link, the status is discovered for both. What is the next troubleshooting step I need to take in order to set this up the correct way? How does n-command grab the config from the devices that it talks to? Thank you!

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          Thank you for asking this question in the support community.  When a device checks in via auto-link, the device sends a checksum of the startup-configuration file.  If that checksum differs from what is stored as the last backed up configuration in the n-Command MSP, then the new configuration is downloaded to the server. 


          If you haven't had a chance to review the following post, it may be helpful: 



          Also, are you running current firmware versions on the ADTRAN TA 908e units, as well as the n-Command MSP?



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              tetu04 New Member

              Hi Levi. Thank you for the reply. I have port 443 enabled. I had the command <auto-link server x.x.x.x> and I also added the <:443>. I am am receiving backup points every hour but they are blank. On a different 908e the last backup point was sometime in April and the config is present but mind you, that device only has <auto-link server x.x.x.x> without the port at the end. I understand how the device sends of the checksum startup-configuration file and the server downloads a new if it differs, but I don't understand why I am receiving all these blank hourly backup points. Could you point me in the right direction on what I can check on next? My config currently has snmp agent not enabled by the way.

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              jayh Hall_of_Fame

              Log into both devices via CLI and do a "show flash".


              You'll see a file startup-config and also startup-config.bak .


              On the device with no backup in N-Command, are both files the same size and on the one with a backup are they different?


              When you execute the "save" or "write mem", the current running configuration is moved to startup-config and the current startup-config is moved to startup-config.bak .


              So...  If you save or write mem twice after the last change, then both startup-config and startup-config.bak will be the same as the current running configuration and there won't be a different backup configuration to save or display.

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                  tetu04 New Member

                  Device that takes backup points hourly with empty config files:

                             5885 startup-config    

                             5806 startup-config.bak


                  Device that has a working backup config, but last backup point was performed on April 2013 :

                             9568 startup-config

                             9582 startup-config.bak