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    Polycom IP 335 & 670 dial plans

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      I have been struggling to understand the dial plans for these phones.


      For one, I am not positive on what file to put the string on my tftp server. For two, we have 2 digit inner office dialing and have to 9 for an outside line so I know I cannot use the defaults. We also have 7 digit local dialing (plus the 9 to start with of course). Our LD is 9,1--area code- XXX-XXXX.


      Since I do not have a regular IP PBX, these were not created for me and I really do not get much support from our soft switch manufacturer since it is a different vendor.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated! Right now everything works great but the users have to dial the "send" key to dial anything. I do know how to configure my files with xml editor, I just am very unsure what to enter for this.