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    Daisy Chaining 7100s

    workforceinsight New Member

      Hello, Adtran Support Community!


      Our organization is growing and I'm out of available ports on the 7100 for just five more desk phones. We have another 7100 available as a cold-spare (but it has no config loaded on it), is there a way to "daisy chain" the two 7100s together to expand the available ports?



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          markfreeman Employee

          There is no way to make the two units act as one single system. You can network them together (https://supportforums.adtran.com/docs/DOC-3455) and they will be able to call each other but they act independently of each other and will have separate auto attendants and voicemail systems. To make them act as one it would require a NetVanta Business Communications Server (BCS) Server in addition to the two NV7100s.


          Let me know if you have any questions.



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            I wanted to mention that if you just needed more POE ports to plug phones into, you could disable SIP and routing on the cold-spare and use it as a plain POE switch in conjunction with the existing 7100. 




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                workforceinsight New Member

                Thanks Matt and Mark,


                I should have clarified that we're using a BCS server -- but the functionality we're looking for is what Matt touched on -- a POE switch to supplement our existing 7100. Do you have the steps needed on how this can be accomplished? Also, how will the phones plugged into the second 7100 know how to reach the primary 7100?



                Thanks all!

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                    quazar66 New Member



                    Just treat the second 7100 as a layer 2 switch.  Remove all the IP configuration from the VLANs and then use one of the gig ports to trunk the two systems together:


                    On each 7100:

                    interface gigabit-eth 0/1

                      no shutdown

                      switchport mode trunk



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                      markfreeman Employee

                      So you want to turn a 7100 into a Layer 2 PoE switch? When you plug a phone into the switch 7100, it will learn DHCP from the primary 7100 since it is all a layer 2 network the broadcast is just sent to the primary 7100. the switch 7100 ignores it since the dhcp has been deleted on it.


                      If that is your desire then copy and paste the following into the CLI via global configuration mode prompt:


                      no ip routing

                      no ipv6 unicast-routing

                      no ip firewall

                      no ip firewall stealth

                      no ip dhcp pool "LAN_pool"

                      no ip dhcp pool "VoIP_pool"

                      no interface vlan 1

                      no interface vlan 2

                      no sip

                      no sip udp 5060

                      no sip tcp 5060

                      no tftp server

                      no ftp server   


                      if you want to be able to access the PoEswitch-7100 from your network, you could paste  the following, change X to an available IP address on your network.

                      interface vlan 1

                      ip address 10.10.10.X

                      no shut


                      ip default-gateway

                      Let me know if you have any other questions.


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