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    Android VPN Clients for NetVanta products

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      Has anyone successfully connected to a NetVanta router with a VPN client from an Android based device.  If so, I would really like to see what works. 


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          vmaxdawg05 - We've had a couple of users successfully create a tunnel to a NetVanta router using the native IPSec client that is included as of the release of Gingerbread. However, it comes with a couple of caveats.


          NOTE: These were noted as of the release of Gingerbread. Changes to the IPSec client may have been made in later releases of Android, and more setting options may now be operational with AOS.


          1. XAUTH must be enabled and is required.

          2. The connection template on the client must be set to "PSK v1 (AES,xauth,aggressive). This uses the hard-coded options of:


          Encryption – AES-128

          Hash – SHA

          Phase 1 DH Group – 2

          Phase 1 Lifetime – 86400

          Phase 2 DH Group – None

          Phase 2 Lifetime – 28800


          3. In AOS, you cannot specify a domain name as the remote endpoint (remote-ID).

          4. In Android, FQDNs must follow the format “<Domain>.<gTLD>” . Also, User-FQDNs must follow the format “<User>@<Domain>.<gTLD>". However, it does not require that the ID be valid within DNS.


          I hope that helps. Please let us know if you have any questions.




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