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    NetVanta 1534 as a airborne standalone DHCP/DNS Server

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      I'm very new to administrating a network, and wanted to very my configuration with some people who know much more than i do!

      So the back story... We have some planes with holes in them, and we collect a lot of imagery. We have a small server rack in each plane with anywhere between 4-11 systems. As also have a NetVanta 1534 to connect everything, and since it's on an airplane, we don't have access to the internet, or a router in the configuration, just a bunch of computers an a switch.

      So far i've figured out how to configure DHCP, but i was hoping i could use our switch as a standalone DNS server as well, from poking around in the ADTRAN Web Setup it looks like i can do this... but i'm not sure it's done correctly.

      In the System->Hostname/DNS i setup a domain name, and set the Primary DNS IP Address to

      In my DHCP pool i setup the Primary DNS to the same,, with the same domain name.

      When i connect to the server with one of our systems (just a windows box to test) it gets all the DHCP info, and i can ping around to other servers on the switch. I can even ping by hostnames, but i think it might be resolving hostnames by WINS, not true DNS, because when i try to do a nslookup of a host it times out.

      Is there anything i'm missing? I've played with switch configuration a little bit in the past, but nothing this complex.




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          I ran  a similar configuration on my NV 1234.  Same results when it comes to NSLOOKUP.  I enabled DNS Proxy.  This can be done in global config via CLI by entering "ip domain-proxy", or by checking the "Enable DNS Proxy" check box in the Web GUI.


          That allowed me to get responses via NSLOOKUP.


          You can also run "debug IP DNS-PROXY" from the CLI on the switch to verify that your workstations are using your switch to resolve the names.


          switch.bench#debug ip dns-proxy

          switch.bench#con t

          switch.bench(config)#ip host example


          DEBUG RESULTS when using NSLOOKUP from a workstation:


          03:53:42:295 DNS.PROXY Received request from

          03:53:42:297 DNS.PROXY Serving reply for "example" from hosts database:

          03:53:42:299 DNS.PROXY Received request from

          03:53:42:300 DNS.PROXY Serving reply for "example" from hosts database:

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