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    How can I restrict access to GUI to local users only?

    mr.duck New Member

      Hi. I have a Netvanta 1335, and I've got it configured to provide bridging between the big internet and my local network. I have a /26 allocated, and I wish to provide unfiltered access (that is, no firewall, with users behind the Netvanta having public IP addresses,) ideally NOT by natting from (for example) >, but rather letting user Joe actually assign a static IPv4 address of


      I have therefore *disabled* the firewall feature in the Netvanta 1335. However, now the router's IP address and the GUI are both accessable at a public IP address. I would ideally like to be able to telnet and access the GUI ONLY from devices that are attached on the "inside" (my private LAN, connected to Switchport ETH 0/2 or something like that.)


      I dont' have any ACLS or ALGs set up. I do understand there are probably several ways to do this, but I'm not really sure how to evaluate the different methods (eg, one way would be to firewall everything off, but specifically open bi-drectional access to,, etc) - That is in fact how I've done this on the "little" Adtran 2054 I have on my home LAN, but the 1335 seems quite different)


      I know just enough about AOS to be dangerous to myself and my client (that is, I am a geek but I know nothing about how to do this!)


      Can anybody help? Thanks in advance!