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    Open access redirect, without any authentication

    przywara New Member

      We have changed the access policy at the local non-profit to allow free and unfettered access to the internet for all guests.  We had been configured for authenticated access using a custom SiP2 customer database method.  In the past, we used the welcome page to provide the terms and conditions, and gather username/password.  Going forward, we have removed the authentication method, and hence the welcome page.  We need to add a redirect to a generic in-house web server which provides the terms and conditions information.  Updating the Platform/Admin/HTTP didn't do it, since we aren't looking for login redirects, since there is no login.  Is it a post-login page or something else.


      Any help is appreciated, I have looked through the vWLAN admin guide, but can't find anything that lends itself to this situation.