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    ACL vs hardware ACLs

    captain118 New Member

      I have two NetVanta 1544 gen 2 switches that I am trying to configure a hardware acl on.


      When I do it through the GUI every time I configure a hardware acl it gets converted to a acl.

      When I try to do it through the command line, I can create the hardware acl but when I go to add the rules it gives me an error the it "Could not perform action."  (I'm assuming because it converted the hardware acl to an acl)


      I am running AOS 10.5.3.


      I am wanting to do it as a hardware acl because I want to apply the rules to vlans not individual ports.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.



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          captain118 New Member

          I worked on this problem for several hours and then shortly after posting here I found the problem.


          It would appear that if you use the name of a vlan as the name of the acl then it creates this problem.


          This might be a bug but also might be by design.  Someone should look into this.



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              Thank you for asking this question in the support community.  When you get a chance, will you provide some additional information and examples about what you were doing that was causing the issue?  This will allow me to try to determine what the problem was.