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    NV7100 outdial prefix change

    brucexx New Member

      I was wondering if anybody was successful in changing or eliminating the outdial prefix from the default of 9. I see that there is a document describing the change of the prefix for the trunk but spoke with somebody not that long ago who said that it never worked correctly . Did you have better experience with this change ? If so please let me know and please list your firmware revision.


      Thank you

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          markfreeman Employee


          We just released a config guide on how to do this. It is best set in the installation wizard because it makes all the changes for you automatically. If you do it after the fact, then you have to go modify more settings. I did then when I did preparing for the R10.8 certexchange and it worked great, I didn't run into any problems.


          Here is the TAC guide:



          Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions. Have a great wekeend!



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