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    Upgrade 1638P to R10.8.0

    robert New Member

      We have four 1638P switches and I would like to get them upgraded to R10.8.0.  All four switches are running OS  Three switches are running Boot ROM and a fourth is running 18.02.01.SC


      What is the procedure to get these upgraded?

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          Thank you for asking this question in the Support Community.  Some ADTRAN Operation System (AOS) products require the boot ROM to be a minimum revision to run the latest firmware.  The minimum boot ROM requirements are listed in the firmware release notes, which can be obtained from ADTRAN’s website.  For the NetVanta 1638P to run firmware version R10.8.0, it needs a minimum Boot ROM of 18.02.01.SC, which in your case, two unit do not have.  Therefore, I suggest you open a Technical Support Ticket with ADTRAN to assist you with the Boot ROM upgrade.


          You can create a ticket in several ways:


          - Over the phone by calling 888-423-8726

          - Emailing support@adtran.com

          - Opening a webticket on the ADTRAN website

          For the unit that already has the minimum required boot code, you can upgrade the firmware without any problems.  Here is How to Upgrade Firmware in AOS.

          I hope that makes sense, but please to not hesitate to reply to this post with any additional questions or information.  I will be happy to help in any way I can.