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    Communication between two NetVanta UC Server

    nathanscott New Member

      Users are unable to transfer Voice Mail between their two UC Server each with their own separate 7100.  What configuration change is need to establish communication between there servers, or is it even possible?


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          frontiersd New Member

          Two NetVanta UC servers can communicate with each other for SIP calls, but I'm not sure about the voicemail routing.  On your UC servers, do you have the other UC server added as gateways?


          I believe the typical model for using the UC Server is to have multiple 7100's use a single UC server as the voicemail server.

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              markfreeman Employee


              Fronteris is right, typically you would just have one UC Server acting as BCS with multiple 7100s connected to it. When doing this you are able to put both 7100s into a "Group Name" where you can transfer voicemails from a phone on one 7100 to a user on another 7100. Share Dial by name directories. When you have two separate UC servers, this is not possible. The only thing you can do is do a "Trusted Server" where you can share UC Companion features where you can chat to users and see phone status of users.


              The only option you can do is if doing UM or email notification, you can just forward the email with VM attachment to the user's email so they can listen to it over their computer.


              Hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions. Have a good weekend.



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