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    Issues in SIP Trunk between NV6336 and NV7060

    most_ahdy New Member


             I have NV7060 and NV6336 connecting to each other using sip trunk directly.

      - I use NV6336 to connect 20 analog phones through its 24 fxs ports "amphenol port"

      - And about 16 ip phones registered in NV7060.

      - All analog phones connected to NV6336 are registered in NV7060 by:

      1.configure the analog voice users to register with the sip-identity command,


      voice user 4200

        connect fxs 0/1

        sip-identity 4200 T01 register auth-name 4200 password 1234.


      2. Configure NV7060 with SIP voice user of 4200 and a sip-authentication password of 1234.


      Now I have an issue.


      -When I try to call from an IP phone to an analog phone , the analog phone can not be reached "busy signal".

      -Then I call from the analog phone to the IP phone the call is established normally, Then I call again from the IP phone to the analog then the call is established.

      -After a period of time(I determined it and it is exactly one minute) the issue happen again and  the call from IP phone to analog phone could not be established, so I have to call first from some analog phone to an IP phone.

      -As an update , The call from an IP phone to analog phone is also established successfully if I enter to sip account configuration of NV6336 and then hit apply button ,I receive the following log for each of my 20 analog user account:

      2013.06.03 23:13:02 SIP.TRK-REG T01 103        changed state to un-registered

      , then after exactly one minute, the call can not be established from IP phone to analog phone.


      -All devices is in subnet.





      I hope I could clarify my issue, and I am asking first is this a common issue you faced before?

      Kindly find the attached output of debug voice verbose command from NV7060 when the issue happen.

      when I enable debug voice verbose in NV6336 I did not receive any output when I replicate the issue.