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        If you are connecting analog phones to the FXS ports or using the 6330 as a SIP proxy for IP phones you can have the phones register back to a central 7100 as long as the phone count does not exceed 100 total across all sites.  The number of sites does come into play if we are connecting to local PSTN facilities at the remote sites for day to day calls.  If this is the case then you are limited to 10 remote sites as this is the maximum number of SIP trunk connections we can have in the 7100.  To be clear a SIP trunk to the remote 6330 is only required if the phones at that site are making and receiving calls out of local POTS lines.  If they are using a POTS line for 911 only then a SIP trunk is not required from the 7100 to the 6330.

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          Also keep in mind that the 7100 only supports 5-simultaneous VPN connections (assuming your VSAT connections are public). If VPN is a requirement for encryption/security, you'll need to front-end the host 7100 with a NetVanta 3430 w/EFP (Enhanced Feature Pack).  Also keep in mind that ITU-T G.114 recommends a maximum of a 150 ms one-way latency with VoIP traffic (300 ms round-trip),  however, most satellite systems encounter more than 600ms round-trip delay.  That being said, I suggest you contact your VSAT provider regarding average latency/delay associated with their service. 

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