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    Webpage at login

    ianterry New Member



      with guest wireless, it is possible to redirect to a "welcome page" for login etc.

      Can the same be achieved for authenticated users? Rather than use as a welcome page, it would be a daily information page updated automatically from a user application



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          daniel.blackmon Employee



          vWLAN only redirects non-authenticated users, however, you can set a post-login redirect under the role and domain settings. The role setting will override the domain setting.





          Domain Settings:



          You might want to take a look at theAdministrator's Guide vWLAN Version 2.2.1 and Later. There's a lot of good info for configuring vWLAN.

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              ianterry New Member

              Great thank you for the reply. Apologies I am finding my way with BS.


              WLAN techniques and positioning is universally understood, the characteristics of configurations are different from vendor to vendor - hence my struggle and "newbie" questions - apologies


              Regards, Ian

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