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    Checklist for WLAN deployment

    ianterry New Member

      Hi all,


      i am just interested to know if there is a checklist for deploying a WLAN from the start - based upon implementation experience.

      For example, create Template, then Roles, authentication etc.


      just really interested to gain experience of others really.


      many thanks

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          daniel.blackmon Employee



          The vWLAN has many default settings, but the following items are probably the most important or visible changes that you will want to make.


          1. Configure local network locations and/or location groups. These are effectively the subnets in your LAN. You can think of them like source statements in a firewall.
          2. Configure destinations and/or destination groups. These would be resources that wireless clients should be able to access such as DNS servers, printers, or other subnets. You can think of these in a firewall sense as well.
          3. Create any custom services or service groups you might need or want.
          4. Configure SSID's.
          5. Create roles (or modify the default role).
          6. Upload AP firmware. The current release of vWLAN ( does not include AP firmware by default, and AP's will not fully boot without a firmware image.
          7. Modify the default AP template or create a new one. Make sure to set the AP firmware in the template. Otherwise, the AP's will not boot properly.


          Items 6 and 7 are the most important. Technically all other items are covered by default settings, but without AP firmware explicitly set in the AP templates you will find that your AP's may appear to constantly reboot.

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