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    Understanding the code in "extension dial Strings"

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      im new in a company using adtran system. Im in the netvanta 7100 config manager, in the "IP phone config section" and im lookin at the configuration between 2 phones. I cant find whats the string difference does. One is like this : *[2-9][0123456789*].T3 and the other one have *[2-9][0123456789*]+T3. So my question is in the code of the strings, whats the difference between the dot and the plus and also some other have a comma like this: 9,411 and some other not 9411 on the same phone model (IP706). Wanna know what is the best practice for coding. Sorry for my basic english hope im clear, thanks for help!

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          The IP Phone Configs GUI page can be used to modify the extension dial strings for an individual IP phone.  For the ADTRAN IP 7xx phone model the correct extension dial string syntax would be *[2-9][0123456789*]+T3.  The +T3 at the end of this dial string instructs the phone to add a 3 second inter-digit timeout to wait for more digits to be dialed. 


          The IP Phone Globals GUI page allows the modification of the extension dial strings for all the IP phones configured on the NetVanta 7100.  Under the Default Settings tab is listed the extension dial strings.  You will see that extension dial string as *[2-9][0123456789*].T on this GUI page.  The .T in this case also instructs the phone to apply an inter-digit timeout.  When the extension dial string settings are applied from this GUI page the strings are converted to correct format for the IP 7xx phones ( in this case **[2-9][0123456789*]+T3)


          The , in the extension dial string 9,411 instructs the phone to play a dial tone after the trunk access digit 9 is dialed.


          As far as best practices if the system needs to be configured to dial a 9 for external calls, then the default dial plan on the NetVanta 7100 is already configured correctly.  No changes would need to be made to the extension dial string configuration for this setup.




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