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    Unable to do Auto attendant (night time ring tone)

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      Hi Folks!

      My Office installed Netwanta 7100 with Polycom IP phones. Netwanta version is 10.7. Im trying to set Auto attendant my office DID number. I already transfer 2 WAV files in to  7100. One is day time and another one is for night time. I follow the Netwanta 7000 series Auto attendant guide. below is the highlighted red set up i got error message. Error shows Invalid number for forward.Verify dial plan templates

      Select the Default bar to access the default system mode call coverage. Using the drop-down menu, set Ring this station’s extension to Never. Use the drop-down menu directly below the section divider to

      set Then to Go to Auto Attendant. Set the particular auto attendant using the adjacent drop-down menu.

      Note: my office works  now day time ring tone. but unable to set night time ring tone. I’ve already uploaded your ftp server a copy of configuration file with SIP stack and voice debug.  They are named  (Unable to do Auto attendant (night time ring tone) .rar)  Any help you can provide is appreciated.  Thanks.

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          If you need to have different auto attendants depending on the time of day, the DID should be tied to a virtual user.  Then under the virtual user's coverage you would route to the appropriate auto attendant for the corresponding system mode.  Here are some example screenshots that I hope help clarify.


          First go to Voice > User Accounts > click the New and setup a Virtual user:


          After the Virtual user is created, select it from the list followed by the Edit and then setup the DID on the General tab:


          Next, click on the Call Coverage tab and select the proper Auto Attendant for the Default system mode:



          On the same tab click Night and select the proper Auto Attendant for the Night system mode:


          Don’t forget to click the Apply button at the bottom after everything is configured, and then click the Save button after it has been tested and verified to function properly.