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    Polycom VoIP Interface on a C16 SoundStructure will not register to Adtran7100

    brutus New Member

      I have have been trying to get the Polycom VoIP Interface to Register on the Adtran 7100.  The Adtran7100 has been updated to the latest software R10.7.  The VoIP Interface is not is the drop down list for supported phones so how so you program the Adtran and the VoIP so they will talk to each other.  The VoIP will get DHCP info from the Adtran and I have also tried Static IP addressing.  The Polycom literature states it is compatible with Adtran.  What are the best programming practices to register non-supported phones (not in the phone model drop down list).  I have search all the Adtran7100 programming and installation guides and can not find any suggested programming to register a non-supported phone, can only can find statements  that say it is possible to register non-supported SIP phones on the Adtran7100 but not how to do it.

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          With the disclaimer in mind that these phones are not supported by the NetVanta 7100, you are welcome to try. Typically you would make a new user with the Phone Type set to SIP like for a normal phone but choose <Not Set> for the Phone MAC Address option:




          You would need to consult with the non-supported phone vendor for documentation and configuration assistance on the device itself, to have it register to the 7100 and be able to make/receive calls.  You would then need to test the features and call flows you would expect the phone to participate in to see if they work properly.