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    Design help - 2 sites with Voice and data. Netvanta 1638P

    orbrit New Member

      I'm taking over a project for a client - the network admin left abruptly.


      They have purchased an IP phone system (Mitel) and also have 4 Netvanta 1638P switches, AOS R10.7.0(ActivChassis enabled)


      The current network is 2 sites connected by 100 Mb fiber, with Cisco 2811 routers as gateways for each subnet


      Site A:

      Site B:


      Proposed network:

      Site A.

      Data VLAN 10,, VLAN Interface IP

      Voice VLAN 11, VLAN Interface IP


      Site B.

      Data VLAN 20,, VLAN Interface IP

      Voice VLAN 21, VLAN Interface IP


      Each site has 2 Netvanta 1638Ps, stacked with the Dual XIM modules


      Phones in both sites need to connect to controllers on VLAN11 and 21

      PCs and Servers in both sites need to connect to each other.


      Each site has it's own Internet access and Cisco ASA firewall. (site A) and (site B)

      Devices in Site A (both VLANs) need to also be able to access a third location connected via a router in Site B. (



      I need help understanding how to connect the switch stacks between the sites - preferably without the Cisco routers.


      My first idea was to put all 4 VLANs on both switch stacks, with all the VLAN interfaces on the Site A stack.

      The problem I see with that is any traffic that has to be routed out of stack B has to first find the route from stack A.


      How do I connect Stack A to Stack B and route between all the VLANs?