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    30 phone limit license

    natem New Member

      I'm not able to find information or license information on increasing the limit from 30 to 100 phones on my adtran 7100. Does anyone know adtrans part number for the 100 user phone/user account license?

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          mtharris Employee

          In order to enable your 7100 for the full 100 users you will need to purchase P/N 1100ALR10001SMB which is the Remote system upgrade for NetVanta 7100, VSMB (Very Small Business) units  to activate support up to 100 users Mon-Fri 8am-5pm site time.  Does not include configuration for new users. The NetVanta 7100 being upgraded must have been bought as a standalone 4200796G1#VSMB.  The upgrade has to be performed by an ADTRAN Engineer and will require remote access to the system.   The list price for this upgrade is $1,695.