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    Create a Probe/Track with a dynamic next hop

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      Hi All,



      Apologies if this is an obvious question.

      I ran into a problem with the netvanta solution recently, but found a solution for the problem as outlined in the post herehttps://supportforums.adtran.com/message/8317

      The problem can be solved by adding a probe and remove the static route when a ping fails, as outlined in the post.


      The problem I am facing is that the default gateway which is learned via DHCP could change as it is a cable modem network.


      The solution requires the static route to be added with the default gateway ( in the case below its  and associated to TRACK

      ip route track TRACK

      Again, what if I a learning my gateway via DHCP and it has a possibility of changing?

      Also, if I wanted it to learn and use the Gateway defined by DHCP, it would mean I dont have to configure every individual router, the routers would all be configured the same and I could swap them around.

      Thanks a mill!!


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          Thank you for posting in the support community.  I'm not sure I follow this question, when I combine it with your previous post.  What is the overall goal you are attempting to achieve with this application?  It appears you want the unit to reboot when the cable modem is rebooted.  Is that correct?


          The Network Monitor feature of AOS, that you mentioned previously, is typically used with probes/tracks to failover to another Internet connection.  You stated you have ADTRAN 2140s, which is not a product I'm familiar with.  Is it possible these units are actually NetVanta 2054s?  If they are NetVanta 2054s, then those platforms do not support the Network Monitor feature. 


          When you get a chance, can you reply with additional information?  We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.



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            Do you have any further questions on this post? 



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              jonobr -

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