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    Trying to access GUI on 3130

    youreyesrmine New Member

      I have an ethernet cable from my NetVanta 3130 to my laptop. My IP Address is a self-assigned IP Address ( I can't access the GUI by using


      How can I access the GUI of my 3130? Thank you for looking.

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          mick Visitor

          You will need to set up a static IP on your laptop, in the subnet.  If you are using MSWindows something like this will do the trick:




          If you use Apple Mac, something like this should work:


          Techguides: Configuring static IP on MAC OSX


          If you are using Linux, use netmanager to complete the same, or open a terminal and run something like:


          sudo ifconfig eth0 broadcast netmask up  (replace eth0 with your active NIC)

          sudo route add default gw


          To resolve addresses using the router as the dns repeater, edit /etc/resolv.conf and add in it:







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              youreyesrmine New Member

              Thank you Mick.


              I connected an ethernet cable directly from the 3130 to my Mac. I changed the ethernet option in Network in System Preferences to manual. Then changed the settings to:

              IP Address:

              Subnet Mask :



              When I typed in into the address bar of a browser I could not access the GUI of the 3130.


              What I am doing wrong? Thank you for your help.

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                  mick Visitor

                  As long as you have connected your laptop with an ethernet cable to one of the 4 switch ports on the 3130 you should be able to access its GUI on, which I understand is the default router LAN address.  However, if someone has changed the default configuration, then this can be any address/subnet.  You can start scanning different subnets using an application like arping, or you could just reset the Netvanta to its default configuration.  Then it should be accessible on


                  Please note, if you reset the Netvanta, all previous configuration settings will be erased from the device.

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                    youreyesrmine - As mick mentioned, you can reset the password or default the 3130 completely by holding down the factory reset button.


                    - If you hold the factory reset button down for 5 seconds, the switchports 1 through 4 will default to and all firewall access policies will be removed from that interface.

                    - If you hold the factory reset button down for 70 seconds, a default configuration will overwrite your existing configuration and reboot the unit. When the default configuration is being applied, you will see the STAT, WAN, DBU, and VPN LEDs cycle. You can release the reset button at this time.


                    There is also a way you can attempt to recover the configuration that is loaded on the 3130, but it will require that you have a TFTP server installed on your computer. Below is the procedure on how to do this:


                    1. Reboot the 3130 and hold down the factory reset button as it is booting up. This will bring the 3130 into bootstrap mode. You will see the STAT LED is solid amber.

                    2. At this point, you should change your PC's IP address to and should be able to telnet to

                    3. Once you are logged in, you should be able to TFTP the startup-config from the flash of the 3130 by using the "copy start tftp".

                    4. Once the startup-config has been transferred to the TFTP server, you will be able to open the file and view the configuration.


                    More information on how to do a TFTP transfer can be found on page 17, under Step 6,  in this article:


                    Upgrading Firmware in AOS


                    Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.




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                        youreyesrmine New Member

                        Thank you mick and noor for your support.


                        I need to factory reset the device since I can't access the default ip address. I am wary to do this since it has unique settings which enable VOIP to a workers residence. When appropriate I will reset it and post any questions.


                        Thanks again.

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                            mick Visitor

                            Placing the device into bootstrap as noor suggested, should hopefully allow you to back up the configuration file without overwriting it with default settings.  Alternatively, you can try using something like arping to ping the usual addresses that people set routers GUI at, like:


                            arping -s -f -I enp11s0

                            ARPING from enp11s0

                            Unicast reply from [00:A0:C8:2A:13:68]  1.401ms

                            Sent 1 probes (1 broadcast(s))

                            Received 1 response(s)


                            Or, a more efficient tool is nmap to do an ARP scan with:


                            sudo nmap -n -PR


                            Starting Nmap 6.25 ( http://nmap.org ) at 2013-05-20 22:38 BST

                            Nmap scan report for

                            Host is up (0.017s latency).

                            Not shown: 997 closed ports

                            PORT    STATE SERVICE

                            22/tcp  open  ssh

                            80/tcp  open  http

                            443/tcp open  https

                            MAC Address: AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF (Adtran)


                            Then change your PC's IP address to,,, and try scanning the corresponding subnet in the same way.  With nmap you could use ranges for any class subnet; e.g. 10.10.1-254.1-254

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                                youreyesrmine -

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