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    older 6310

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      I've inherited a new customer that has a 6310 that was installed at least 4years ago. The product sheet  - "this powerfull solution combines the robust routing and voice features of Adtran industry leading Total Access 900e series of IP business gateways" .   Wanting to know if a 6310 built over 4 years ago would be the same hardware platform selling today. Should I be concerned about capability or performance with this unit to do vqm and qos, + firewall ?



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          burgermeister Employee

          We have only one generation of the 6310, so the 6310 sold today is the same hardware sold 4 years ago.  And yes, the NV 6310 has approximately the same PPS performance as the TA 900e - (Approximately 30mbps aggregate with IMIX traffic, FW, QOS, Traffic-Shaping, FFE enabled.)  Keep in mind that 50-100% VQM sampling will lower this number, although I'm not sure just how much...  If performance is a concern with the 6310/900e, you should look at the NetVanta 6240 Series, (roughly doubles the PPS performance of the TA 900e, NV 6310, and 6330)   

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            I went ahead and marked the correct answer on this post.  However, feel free to post any additional questions you may have if you need further assistance.