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    WAN DHCP address doesnt renew

    jonobr New Member

         Hi there,


      I inherited a bunch of netvanta Adtrans routers for a bunch of remote sites (3 hours plus away) , so apologies if this questions has been asked, or if this is a known issue.
      Im just getting used to this now.


      I have a Surfboard cable modem which provides my internet,

      The ETH0/1 gets a Public IPV4 address from the ISP and the remaining ports 1-4 are for an internal private network.

      All works fine, until the surfboard modem is restarted. The configuration of the Adtrans device looks good, the interface is up, the IPV4 address is on there, but I cannot reach it from outside.


      It seems that the Adtrans thinks all is ok, and is not aware of the reboot of the cable modem.

      If I reload the Adtrans it works fine again, but thats a 3 hour drive:-(


      Is this a known feature or is there a way I can prevent this?

      I was thinking of putting a permenant static on there, but I am hoping there is another way.....


      Many thanks!!



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          jonobr - Would you be able to post a sample configuration for a device that you have experienced this issue with? Also, what firmware are these devices running? Ideally, it would also be beneficial to see the output to "show interface" and "show ip int brief" while the device is in this state, but that may be difficult in this situation.




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              jonobr New Member

              Hi Noor


              Thanks for getting back to me.


              I went to the remote location..... 3 hours drive away ... YUCK!!

              But I think I found the cause and answer to my problem.


              Looking at the configuration I noticed that during this time the interfaces were up and everything including the configuration all looked ok.

              I then started looking for solutions using ping reboot, and automate a way of pinging an external IP address and restarting if it could not reach the address, as it appeared to just hang.


              I did a search for ping reboot on Adtrans and eventually came up with a document from 2006!!

              It gave my exact problem and a feature introduction to correct it.


              I tested it today and it seems to work, I will test more tomorrow and let you know if I am happy with it

              The release is marked as

              AOS 13.01.00 Software Release

                Standard Feature Pack

              The notes says


              Network Monitor provides IP connectivity and performance testing, using ICMP ping probes, TCP connect probes, and/or HTTP probes. This provides dynamic detection of cases where Layer 1 and Layer 2 connectivity remain active, but Layer 3 connectivity is lost.  For example, if a NetVanta is connected to a cable modem via Ethernet, and the cable link between the modem and service provider goes down, AOS can detect the link failure and remove any static routes that were associated with that link.

              It then describes the fix.

              Only problem I have now is that the fix applies to adtrans 3XXX versions and later, but I have a whole load of 2140 Adtrans also...... Groan!

              Thanks again for getting back.



              jono brady