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    Which IP will be picked when IAD register in N-Command

    schan1 New Member

      I have question.   When an IAD register to N-Command and it has multiple IPs (subinterface), which IP will be picked by MSP.   In other words, what is the algorithm to pick the IP  (by vlan#? numeric order of IP?)...Thanks.

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          rcohen New Member

          The logically closest interface.

          For example, you have an eth1 and an eth2, eth1 is your LAN with an address of and eth2 is WAN Internet of if nCommand is on the LAN that the source IP will be and if it's on the internet the source IP would be


          If the source interface had a secondary address it would not be used as the source for auto-link unless you specifically applied source translation to the outbound traffic.


          One of the nice things about nCommand is that it tracks devices based on serial number not source IP address so you can have multiple devices behind NAT all reporting the same source IP. Since all communication is initiated from the device there are no security or connectivity issues. The exception would be the link on the device page in nCommand pointing to the devices web interface. Obviously that would need to be one-to-one and allowed.