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    Using customer lan phones won't boot

    frank6160 New Member

      Connecting a 7100 to customer LAN. 15 phones. No VLANS. Disabled IP routing as we are using current one. I can connect phone to 7100 port. It boots, gets address, gets info from customer DHCP (option157)  finds  server boots and works. When plugged int customer switch port phone boots seems to get address  states reconfiguring network and stops with VLAN=1 and the DHCP timer above it.  Customer has 172.16.1.x,172.16.2.x and 172.1.3.x subnets. When booting from 7100 switch the IP address given is from the 172.16.1.x subnet, when connect to customer switch port the first address is from the 172.16.2.x subnet. Is there anything in the 7100 configuration I need to program or is this a customer LAN issue. Tech has been working on it to no avail. I'm just trying to help. Thanks.