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    How does option 157 and option 66 really work?

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      I'm pretty sure I'm the only one that cannnot figure out exactly how these options work, but I'm gonna be brave and ask anyways.  How does it really work?  I was taught really simple.  Adtran phone use option 157.  Polycom phone use option 66.  So here is what's confusing to me.


      Isn't Adtran phone OEM of polycom?

      When I debug tftp server events, I almost never get any thing back from this command with polycom phones, however if I ran debug ip ftp-server, it always come back.  I thought polycom use TFTP, not FTP?

      Under DCHP optional configuration (GUI interface) there is an option for TFTP?  What exactly is the right thing to put here?  only ip address? how about - tftp://

      Is that OPTION 66? or is OPTION 66 only be program under number option?

      What exactly is the command for option 66?

      Last but not least option 157 alwasy start with TftpServer= ? does that mean we can use that as well?

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          Hopefully this will help clear some things up:

          • ADTRAN IP 706 and 712 phones use option 157. That option will specify FTP by default for ADTRAN phones.
          • Polycom phones will user TFTP on their first boot. Once they download polycomboot.cfg or polycomboot_remote.cfg, they begin to use FTP because of settings contained in those files.
          • The TFTP option (which is defined as option 66; they are one and the same) in DHCP needs to be the IP address of the 7100 itself with TFTP specified ("tftp://" is the default)
          • Newer ADTRAN phones will operate closer to the way Polycom phones currently operate.


          Please reply if you have any further questions. I know it can take a while to sort through