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    Issue with inbound calls - Get a busy tone

    rdommara New Member

      These are my trunk settings and I'm Split into 4 trunks for internal usage.


      I'm able to make outbound calls with no issues, however I get Busy tone when I call the DIDs.


      Also I see a ALARM on the Network module 2.


      Carrier:   Time Warner Cable (TWC)


      Protocol Type:            ISDN User

      Central Office Type:      NI-2

      Framing Format:           ESF

      Line Code:                B8ZS

      Line Build Out:           1.0 dB

      Digits from the CO:       4


      I have 2 network modules on my ATLAS and the other module which hosts a trunk from different carrier works flawlessly.


      I'm a newbie to Adtran gear and followed the manual to configure this.


      Could you please help me with this at the earliest.Thanks in advance!!