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    sync dropped error

    frank6160 New Member

      When connected to the console port I see  2012.04.10 12:39:26 VOICE.Analog Driver 2.1 Sync dropped repeated many times. What is this indicating?

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          I saw that you created a support ticket for this.  It would be best if you continue to work with Support on this issue under the ticket you have open.  Once the issue is resolved please come back to this thread to post the solution so others can benefit from it.



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              I am getting this same error repeatedly on a NV6355 with the fxs module. This is the second unit I have seen this on. On the first one, which I RMA'd, the line would occasionally not pull dial tone. When I replaced the FXS card it made no difference. Now that I am getting this again on a brand new box and card, I am kind of suspicious. I am not using a PRI. This problem persisted from an upgrade from R10.6 to R10.9. Any ideas?




              1. 2013.12.17 16:32:19 VOICE.Analog Driver 1.1 Sync dropped.
              2. 2013.12.17 16:33:10 VOICE.Analog Driver 1.1 Sync dropped.
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              frank6160 New Member

              Seems to have cleared upnow that system is on site and connected to Telco. Must have been issue with PRI test set I was using. I had never had an issue using it the same way before.