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    1224R internet connections getting time outs

    rjhill899 New Member

      having to refresh on the internet connection quite often. causing a problem with EDI connection along with simple task

      such as entering orders online.


      I have a local Bonded DSL connection that is not part of AT&T. I have AT&T routers in all our plants, for a total of 4.

      We are Cloud networking via MPLS. The plant to plant communications/connection are working fine, well mostly fine.


      The problem is when we use the internet, pages time out so often it is extremely frustrating.

      AT&T put a route in Their routers to allow the internet to work. but sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.


      my setup is as follows:

      plant1 (main location) (AT&T router set to Gateway)

      plant 2 (remote) (AT&T router

      same setups for plants 3 and 4.

      each AT&T router is its own plants DHCP server

      plant 1 range is

      plants 2-4 ranges are 50-100


      My 1224R is addressed

      my internet connection is example (


      i attached my config. I would be greatful for any help.

      It may be my routing, or again it may be AT&T, Im not sure. but somedays it works great, then others it is unbearable.


      Thanks in advance


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          Thank you for asking this question in the support community.  Based on the configuration you supplied, and the brief network description, the ADTRAN appears to be configured correctly, but I do have one suggestion.  I would add the command no lldp send-and-receive to the Internet port (looks like port 24 in the config.).


          When you "refresh the Internet connection" what do you do?  Do you know if there are any errors on the port connected to the Internet?  If you would like to reply with the output from the show interface ethernet 0/24, I will be happy to review it for you.  Also, don't hesitate to reply with any additional information or questions.



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            Do you still have questions on this forum post?  If you do, please do not hesitate to reply.



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                rjhill899 New Member


                I just want to let you know I figured it out,

                I was using my local DNS server which happen to be going up and down all day.

                I change the DNS server and it started working great...


                Thanks for all your help..


                Sorry I didnt get back to you sooner.


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