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    Clarification on BSC firmware upgrade

    bbiandov New Member

      Hi everyone,


      I need some clarification on BSC firmware upgrade:


      Is it possible to upgrade BSC-2100 currently running V5.3.1.11 to the latest V6_5_1_03.img?


      Firmware appears to be the latest download available but it gets fuzzy on the hardware platform which is supported.


      Thank you

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          daniel.blackmon Employee



          In order to upgrade the BSC platform from to, an intermediate step of upgrading to first is required. So the BSC should be upgraded from to then finally to


          Here is an excert from the release notes (http://www.adtran.com/web/SoftwareDownload/1880/sw/relNotes/4945) for BSC version

          Bluesocket™ BlueSecure™ Controller Release Notes

          Software Version: V6.5.1.03

          BSC Models Covered: BSC-600™, BSC-1200™, BSC-2100™, BSC-2200™, BSC-3200™, BSC-5200™

          The BSC-2100 model is covered, and therefor you can upgrade. I would recommend that read through the release notes so you will be aware of any changes. You will also be able to determine if an upgrade is needed - ie. if you need any of the fixes. The BSC upgrade procedure is fairly straightforward, but if you have not been through the process already, please continue reading.


          When upgrading the BSC platform it is important to understand the process. There are two partitions on the BSC: primary and alternative. The upgrade process actually upgrades the alternative partition, then the unit is signaled to reboot and switch partitions. In other words, the upgrade process has a built-in backup feature. If for some reason the upgrade process fails, you can simply change back to the other partition. The following support question will be useful in the event the upgrade fails (My BSC-2200/3200/5200 will not boot. There is no access to the secure web based administrative console or the serial port console menu. How can I recover the BSC?).


          While the upgrade process does have this built-in backup feature, it is still a good idea to save a backup of the current settings. You can start the upgrade process by going to Maintenance> Configuration Backup/Restore. Backup the current settings, and save the file to your computer. Next go to Maintenance> Upgrade, choose your file, and clikc upgrade. Follow the prompts/messages to reboot the unit when the time comes. That should be all you need.


          Bluesocket Controller (BSC) Setup and Administration Guide


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              bbiandov New Member

              Thanks for that detailed clarification Charlie,


              Yes the process is straightforward; done it several times and I love the partition selection switch. Great way to revert back to a known good firmware.


              One question; hope not too trivial: if an upgrade does get botched; and then the BSC would quit booting at all; how does one switch to the alternative partition using the front panel of the BSC? Or if there is no button combination to switch partition is this achievable from a physical console cable using the BSC's serial port?




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                  daniel.blackmon Employee

                  Take a look at the support question I linked to in the above reply; it should answer you question exactly. Essentially, if the upgrade fails, then you can perform a serial port boot interrupt to manually switch to the alternate partition when there is no access to the secure web based administrative console or the serial port console menu.


                  Also, I need to clarify that if you upgrade from 5.3.11 to you will first need to upgrade from 5.3.11 to I am going to edit the above the answer to include this information. You can find on our website as well.

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                      bbiandov New Member

                      First excuse the previous embarrassing question: you preemptively answered the issue with choosing a partition from the bootloader menu and I completely missed that. My bad!


                      Also thank you for specifying the intermediate upgrade path required to achieve; the download page does contain that intermediate version


                      My only follow up question addresses the release notes for which I did read back to back; I have A and B questions relating to two sections of the release notes which I would like to clarify:


                      a) "Bluesocket 1500, 1540, 1700, and WiJack APs should be running firmware V6.5.0.7" -- does this mean that once BSC is running the BSAPs firmware can or can not be upgraded or is it a recommendation that it is suggested they are upgraded? I am trying to avoid catch 22 since BSAP firmware can not be upgraded to 6.5 if BSC is still on 5.x (well it can be upgraded but then the BSAP keeps rebooting the moment if attempts to register with 5.x BSC).


                      b) On page 18 one would find: "Guideline: The safest upgrade path is to go to first, and then 6.2 and then 6.5.1. See the support page for more information." -- since you specified a different upgrade path and since 6.2 is not found in the firmware download section should it be understood that your upgrade path supersedes the above statement on page 18 of the release note for


                      Thank you

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                          daniel.blackmon Employee

                          Once you upgrade the BSC to v6.5.1.03, you will want to make sure that any BSAP 15xx, 1700, and WiJack APs are running This does not apply to BSAP 18xx series products. The BSAPs can still be upgraded after the BSC is upgraded, so upgrade the BSC first, upload the BSAP firmware, and apply the firmware to the APs.


                          You do not need to worry about BSC v6.2. That issue has been resolved.

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                              bbiandov New Member

                              Hi Charlie


                              Thank you for your great feedback! Release 6 is asking for Regulatory Activation Code. The release notes for version 6 point to URL at blue socket which is no longer working for obtaining the code:


                              The Bluesocket Sales team has mapped customers to their country of operation. Each customer has

                              been issued a country authorization code, which is found in the Salesforce.com account. Go to

                              http://support.bluesocket.com/my-profile.htm and find the 8 digit code listed under “Country Authentication




                              Where does one obtain that code from today? A found a post which states that one must contact support for the country authentication code but on a prior case RQST00001514618 I was told support can no longer help:




                              This challenge would effectively preclude one from carrying out a successful upgrade from 5 to 6. I tried to add the serial number under "My Products" under my Adtran Support but it was not recognized as valid.


                              Please let me know if you can assist with that Regulatory Activation Code issue - the BSC is in the U.S. so I would like to obtain a Regulatory Activation Code for US region.


                              Thank you

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                                  daniel.blackmon Employee

                                  An Adtran Technical Support Engineer can certainly assist you obtaining that code, but your previous case indicates that your product is End-of-Life/Support. That would explain why you did not receive an answer. Please allow me to respond in kind from the ticket you logged with our technical support center. If you do not receive the email, feel free to respond here or send me a private message on the support community.

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                        daniel.blackmon Employee

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                            bbiandov New Member

                            Yep all good here; few months now running with no detectable problems



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                              joejoe New Member

                              I have a problem  about upgrade BSC-2100 currently running V5.3.1.11 to V5.3.2.6

                              Upgrade status: Database upgrade failed.



                              upgrade log..


                              Checking Drive Integrity
                              umount: /alternative: device is busy
                              mount: you must specify the filesystem type
                              Done Checking Drive Integrity

                              Cleaning up old system map
                              Updating system map
                              System map updated
                              Backing up configuration
                              Adding version info...
                              date=Tue Jan 16 15:44:50 EST 2007
                              Adding database...
                              Report Schema...
                              Report Data...
                              System Schema...
                              System Data...
                              Copying DHCP info...
                              Copying customization...
                              /bin/mkdir: cannot create directory `/alternative/home/blueserver/htdocs/app/local': Input/output error
                              /bin/chown: getting attributes of `/alternative/home/blueserver/htdocs/app/local': No such file or directory
                              Copying specials setup...
                              Copying ICS configuration...
                              Upgrading database...
                              Starting secondary db server
                              Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /var/lib/mysql
                              140217 03:59:41  mysqld ended

                              Waiting for secondary db server...
                              Waiting for secondary db server...
                              Waiting for secondary db server...
                              Failed to connect to secondary db server!
                              [Mon Feb 17 03:59:45 2014] chroot_upgrade.pl: DBI connect('database=blueserver;port=12345','blueserver',...) failed: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (2) at /home/blueserver/htdocs/app/database/chroot_upgrade.pl line 57
                              Database upgrade failed.