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    Performance netvanta 1335 utilizing nat and access-lists

    kikelwvbbts New Member

      Currently we have netvanta 1335 connected to internet utilizing 7mb/768kb adsl.
      The netvanta 1335 is utilizing nat and access-list which means all is punted to processor.

      CPU is running at 40 to 50% when circuit is busy

      We are think of upgrading circuit to cable wideband of 35mb/2mb


      What are the throughput capabilities of 1335 in mbits/sec and packets/sec when all is punted to processor

      Trying to figure out what we will have to upgrade to



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          Given the varying packet sizes, router configurations, and other variables at play, we don't publish specific throughput numbers - it's just too subjective. However, I can tell you that we do not recommend the 1335 for any application where process-routing would exceed 25Mbps in total.  In your case, 35Mbps down/2Mbps up would total 37Mbps and would exceed our recommended limits. You would be better served to separate the router and switching functions and go with a dedicated router like our NetVanta 3430, which has a recommended limit of 60Mbps.



          Ronnie Colvin

          Adtran Applications Engineering