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    Outbound Digit Manipulation

    vocojim New Member

      I need to be able to offer the ability to have my users Dial and "8" instead of a "9" to make a a call as they normally do.  By dialing and "8" my user will want to input a specific code before dialing a "billing code" then the number.  For example 8-222-404-555-1212.  Then I want to send to my sip trunk *99-000222-404-555-1212.  Yes I added (*99-000) for my SIP trunk provider. 


      I could do this easily in an AVAYA phone system. I think this could be done in this NetVANTA 7100 easily but I am not sure where to do this? 


      Any Ideas?



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          gouc Employee

          I will recommend  you start with this link below.




          BTW, Have you considered doing something different with the prefix "222". In particular why not add that as part of the DNIS substitution as well, just like you are adding *99-000?



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              I noticed you opened a support ticket for this issue.  The result was adding a DNIS sub on the SIP trunk as well as adding an accept for the billing code (*99) on the associated trunk-group.  If you have any other additional details that would be helpful please come back to this thread and update it so others can benefit.  I went ahead and flagged this post as "Assumed Answered".  If any of the responses on this thread assisted you, please mark them as Correct or Helpful as the case may be with the applicable buttons. This will make them visible and help other members of the community find solutions more easily. If you still need assistance, we would be more than happy to continue working with you on this - just let us know in a reply.