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    Creating a bridge across trunked VLAN

    nhicks77 New Member

      To start, I am not very network savy. Im smart enough to create a network and basic troubleshooting.

      We have two 1335 routers across a business class fiber network (Charter.) I have a VLAN setup on each router, VLAN 3975. On the A-end, we have Cisco gear with trunked vlans (200, 100, 101, 106, etc.)

      Im trying to essentially bridge port 24 on 1335 #1, across the network, to 1335 #2, port 24.  I want the bridge to pass any and all traffic it sees, to the other end.

      Once this works, it will be connected to an existing bridge across T1, essentially connecting tower A to office B thru to office C.


      Can any shed some light on how to do this?  Thanks