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    User Access to AutoAttendants only on a 7100

    adpena1969 New Member

      Is it possible to set up a user that can login to the ADMIN page but only can see the Auto Attendants.  I have a client that wants to change their Auto Attendant recording every month. But I am not sure that I want to give them full access to the ADMIN website.



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          gouc Employee

          There currently is not a separate login/password for the end user administrator to login and just change the Auto Attendant. Having a multi-tier access control to the GUI is a roadmap item. That said you have two options today


          (a) Consider giving them a login/password to the admin screen and training them on how to use the AA.

          (b) Check if their AA need can be met by using the Voicemail Greeting, and if yes, then they can change thier voicemail greetings ( or a system voicemail box greeting) on their own without logging into the GUI. The best example that comes to mind was for a Dr. Office, where they had an after hour AA which said something like "The office is currently closed for <name your holiday>. If this is medical emergency, please hang up and dial 911, or to leave a message stay on the line". So at night time, the main AA just sends all incoming caller to the voicemail box directly, where the customized greeting is played out. You can definately make it more elaborate by using more than one system mailbox, and then stringing together voicemails with Auto attendnats and do what you want, without giving out the login/password to the "ADMIN".

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