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    Can't make outgoing call over PRI using "Rabbit-Hole" application

    ben-matson New Member

      We are an alarm company connecting a PRI to our receivers using the "Rabbit-Hole" application.  I've followed the guide from Configuring the ADTRAN ATLAS for a “Rabbit-Hole” Application and in testing with our PRI vendor incoming calls seem to be working fine, but we can't make any outgoing calls from a phone connected to the FXS cards.  Is there something else we need to program to make calls or am I missing something?

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          patrick Employee

          Thank you for using the ADTRAN Support Forums and asking this question.


          The rabbit-hole configuration guide is primarily designed for inbound calls. If you want to make outbound calls, then you have to pay attention to the USER TERM configuration of the Feature Group D settings (under the IFCE CONFIG). The "FGD Rx Sequence" is what the ATLAS should receive from your phone on an outbound call. The default Rx sequence is set to "ANI/DNIS" which means that you should dial *ANI*DNIS* in order to dial out. If you set the Rx sequence to "Disabled" then you can simply dial your desired number as you normally would.

          If you dial 10-digits for a local number, then there is one more change you need to make: Under DIAL PLAN and GLOBAL PARAM there is the NUMBER COMPLETE TEMPLATE. Under the NUMBER COMPLETE TEMPLATE, the first entry is a 7-digit pattern (NXX-XXXX). If you are in a 10-digit dialing area, this needs to be changed to a 10-digit pattern (NXX-NXX-XXXX) or the number will be dialed after only the first 7 digits and will therefore fail.


          Hope this helps,