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    PRI DS0 Mapping Based on Number

    qnet New Member

      I have a network PRI and user PRI. Is it possible to route inbound calls from the network to a specific user PRI channel based on phone number?


      Example, assume I had 555-8001 through 555-8023. Can I tell the Atlas 550 to always give calls to 555-8001 to channel 1 on the user

      PRI, 555-8002 to channel 2, etc.

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          patrick Employee

          Thank you for using the ADTRAN Support Forums, and for your question.


          I'm afraid a specific number (or range of numbers) cannot be directed to a specific PRI channel in the ATLAS. The ATLAS does not allow a PRI to be broken up into "trunk groups," but treats the PRI as a single interface, and all the channels on the PRI are in a single hunt-group.


          Hope this answers your question,


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