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    Adtran 7100 Call Monitor or Barge In

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      Does anyone know if the Adtran 7100 support Call Monitor or Barge in?  Customer wants to be able to monitor phone calls with their employee and barge in on the conversation if needed be.

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          gouc Employee

          No. Not at this time. It is on the roadmap for consideration. In the meantime could you give additional information on what is driving the requirement? Is this a call center application?  This will help us focus on the essentials customer requirements.


          The above said, there are a couple of ways to do it by using third party devices like an external call recording system to record calls for monitoring. Additionally, some headsets base stations support a barge in/conference for letting a supervisor have his headset register to the base station of the agent's headsets.



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              Ok. Thanks.

              We get this alot.  We lost a few deals or cannot proposed I can recall at least 5 times in the last year becasue of these features.  It's namely for sales, customer service, or technical support.

              Example.  A sales team.  Sales manager wants to be able to monitor a phone call in real time.  Especially on a high stakes phone calls.

              They want to be able to monitor their sales team or barge in on the phone call to help their sales team.  Recording monitoring works, but thats after the fact.  It's a feature that most traditional phone system have.  We've seen this features use alot with call center, sales team, and support team.


              Now that we know for sure the 7100 does not support it, do you know if the UC Serve does?


              Thanks much!

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                We want this capability too. Will be used in a Call Center type environment. In fact we are wanting to replace our old Automated Call Distribution equipment. I think we'd go for NV7100/UC if it did call monitoring and recording.

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                intercall New Member

                You can add me to the list of customers who require this feature (call centre environment).  I would consider call listening a standard feature of any telephone system.