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    7100 Firmware

    hubtech New Member

      I'm currently running A4.03 and decided to update my firmware.  I hopped on the support site only to find a little bit of confusion.  R10 3.2 was released on 11/12/12, r10 6.0 was released on 1/23/13, and r10 5.1 was released on 2/1/13.  Which of these is the most current? do i believe the revision numbers or release dates?


      Also, If i upgrade from A403 to whichever you guys tell me is the most current. will I have to reconfigure anything? I understand i'll also have to upgrade the firmware on the phones, but any firewall configs gonna change?

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          ericj Employee

          From a feature perspective there are newer features in R10.6.0 that are not available in R10.5.1 but R10.5.1 may have some fixes that are not in R10.6.0. (Given that it is a more recent release).


          My advice, glance at the release notes for both, if you do not need any of the new features in R10.6.0 (Over R10.5), then go with R10.5.1.

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